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HK-RWB 香港紅白藍


Image of HK-RWB 香港紅白藍 Image of HK-RWB 香港紅白藍

HK-RWB TinBot is one of the most iconic presentation for Hong Kong.

– Story behind this TinBot –

In 2017 Hong Kong Toysoul event, we met Kong Stories and we are very lucky to be picked as one of their 1st 100 kong stories #083 鐵寶奇盒. Thanks for Kong Storeis!! Since the video were well spread over social media, we were getting more people to know us. This is really grateful to plan to have Red White Blue as our themed TinBot in order to record this milestone. This is really an important one for our brand. And, we would like to tell the world TinBot is a Hong Kong Toy Brand.

Protective Matchbox design Packaging

1 Tin metal box
6 magnetic parts

Robot mode 13cm tall, Tin Box mode 7cm